Importing points with a CSV file

If you would like to adjust your customers' point balances in bulk, the best way to do this is with a CSV file. 

You can get a CSV file by contacting us at, or you can create your own CSV file by using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Steps:Open up your CSV file.

  1. Change your file by creating two columns with the headers, 'email' and 'points'. 
  2. In the 'email' column, you will enter your customer's email address.
    • Note: Email addresses are case sensitive. Make sure that the customer's email address is written exactly the same as how it appears in your store admin.

      Your CSV file should look exactly like this:
  3.  Once you have completed and saved your CSV file, you will import the file by going into your admin, and then click on the 'Customers' section.
  4. In the Customers section, click on the 'Import points...' button in the top right-hand corner. A pop-up will appear that asks you what you would like to do with the imported points. There are two options; add points from each customer's existing balance or reset customers points balances to the CSV values.
  5. Select which option that you would like to do and then click 'Start Import'. You will receive an email when the import is completed. 

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