Offering a free product as a reward

If you are on our  Small Business plan or above, you can offer your customers a free product as a reward in your Points Program.

When your customer clicks on the Launcher, they will see the option to get a free product as a reward. 

Setting up a free product in your Points Program

  1. Login to your admin.
  2. Click on your Points Program.

  3. From the Points Program dashboard, click on ' Spending'. When the page loads, click on 'Add Points Reward'.

  4. In the rewards section, find the free product reward option and then click ' Add reward'.

  5. In the free product reward page, you will fill in the details in the available fields, and make sure that your ' Starting state' is set to 'Enable'. When you are ready, click on 'Create'.

And that's the final step! You can start rewarding your customers with a free product.

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