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Our Yotpo Integration allows you to issue points to your customers when they write a product review and it also restricts points to only be awarded to verified buyers.

This integration is available on our  Small Business plan and above and counts towards your total number of Smile Apps. Simply upgrade to a paid plan and this option will appear in your admin.

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is an app that allows you to add product reviews from your customers into your store! With Yotpo, when a customer buys a product at your store, they will get an email asking them to leave a review on the product that they have just purchased. 
As soon as they submit their review, the review will appear on the product page on your store with a "verified purchase" tag.
This increases your customers' trust in your products and can lead to more sales for you!
You can sign up and learn more about Yotpo at

How can my customers earn points for reviews with Yotpo?

As soon as your customer has paid for their item, Yotpo will send them an email asking the customer to leave a review. 
In your Yotpo settings, you can select the percentage of customers that will receive this email and how many days after buying the product that they can write the review. 

As soon as the customer completes the form and clicks "Submit Your Review", the review will show up in your Yotpo dashboard to be approved. As soon as you approve the review, your customer will get points for the action! 

How do I set up rewarding for Yotpo reviews?

You can start rewarding for Yotpo reviews in by following these steps:
1. Go to and click 'Log In' in the right-hand corner.

2. In the dashboard, hover over the person icon in the upper-right hand corner, and choose 'Settings' from the drop-down menu.

3. When you are in Settings, scroll down to the API Credentials section.

4. Make a note of your API Key and API Secret, you will need these for your account.
5. In another tab, sign into your admin
6. Go to 'Apps & Integrations' in the left-hand menu. 
7. Click on the Yotpo app and then click ' Instal'.
8. Enter your Yotpo API Key and API Secret from Step 4 and click 'Connect to Yotpo'.

9. To setup an earning rule go to your 'Points' program in the admin.   
10. In your Points dashboard, click on the 'Earning' tab.
11. Click 'Add Rule'. Then select the Product review with the Yotpo icon from the list of action items. When you have found it, click 'Add Action'.
12. On the Product Review page, enter the number of points that you would like to award for leaving a review. When you are satisfied, click  'Create '.
13. You can customize this rule just like any other. By default the earning rule requires the customer to be a verified buyer but can be changed under the Activity Conditions.


Do I need to be on a specific Yotpo plan?

This integration is available on Yotpo premium packages. 

My customer didn't earn points for the review, why is this?
The main reason why your customer did not receive points for a review is most likely because the customer went directly to your website to leave a review instead of using the form in the email. We are not able to award points this way because these reviews will not be classified as verified buyers. Only verified buyers can be rewarded for leaving a review.
If they submitted their review by email and they still did not receive points for this action, please contact us at and we will be happy to look into this for you.
Click here to learn more about our Yotpo Integration.

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