How do I set up my rewards program?

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This guide will explain to you how to navigate through our admin and set up your rewards program. 

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Syncing Customer Accounts Into

When a customer creates an account at your store, they will be added to the rewards program. Our app syncs with the customer accounts that are made in your store in order to create program members

Click here to learn more about inviting your customers to join your rewards program. 

If you are on the Shopify platform, make sure that you have  customer accounts enabled in your Shopify admin.

Customizing Your Rewards Program allows you to customize your rewards program so that it fits your store branding. 

Depending on the plan that you are on, you have the ability to customize your rewards program. You can add a background image, add your own brand logo, and even upload your own unique icons if you wish.

Click here to learn more about our recommended dimensions for your background, logo, and icons.

To start customizing your rewards program, click on 'Display' in the admin.

In the Display dashboard, you can click through to customize your Branding, Launcher, and Cards.

Click here to learn more about customizing your rewards program across various plans.

Set Up Your Rewards Program

After you have customized the look of your rewards program, you can now set up and add the rewards that you would like to offer in your program.

Points Program

Your Points program allows you to give your customers points for completing an action and then rewarding them with coupons once they have reached a points milestone.

To set up your Points program, click on  'Points' in the admin.

In the Points program dashboard, you will see the following tabs: 

  • Earning - Where you will set up your earning actions (Points Per Order, Facebook Share, Instagram Follow, etc.).
  • Spending - Where you will set up your points rewards (% off coupon, $ off coupon, Free Shipping, etc.).
  • Activity - Where you can monitor your customers' activities within your Points program.
  • Settings -  Where you can enable/disable your Points program and change the name of your points.

Referral Program

The Referral program allows you to reward your customers for referring their friends to your store. 

Click here to learn more about the Referral Program.

To add the Referral program, click on the + symbol next to the 'Reward Programs' title in the admin. In the Reward Programs dashboard, scroll down to find 'Referrals' and click 'Install' to activate the program.

When you have installed the Referral program into your admin, click on 'Referrals' to access the Referral program dashboard.

In the Referral program dashboard, you will see the following tabs:

  • Rewards - Where you can set up your Sender and Receiver rewards that you want to offer in your program.
  • Activity - Where you can monitor your customers' activities within the Referral program. 
  • Settings - Where you can enable/disable your Referral program and customize your referral messages.

VIP Program

Starting from our  Professional plan, you have the option to add a VIP Tiers program to your rewards program.

Click here to learn more about setting up your VIP Tiers program. Email Notifications will send an email to your customers as soon as they have earned or spent points in your store. You can access your email notifications by clicking on 'Notifications' in your admin.

Starting from our  Small Business plan, you can customize the emails that are sent to your customers. 

Click here to learn more about the email notifications. Settings

To access the Settings, click on 'Settings' in the admin.

The Settings page is where you can change your  store currency, your order statuses, and your order rewarding.

This page also has the following tabs:

  • Billing - Where you can update your billing information.
  • Yotpo - Where you can enter your Yotpo API key to add the Yotpo product review option to your rewards program.
  • ReCharge - Where you can enter your ReCharge API key to add our ReCharge integration to your rewards program (Shopify only).
  • Theme Integration - Where you can find the code snippet to add to your Stencil theme (BigCommerce only).
  • WebDav - Where you will enter your WebDav credentials for your Blueprint theme (BigCommerce only).
  • Code Snippet - Where you will find the code snippet to add to your Blueprint theme (BigCommerce only).

If you have more questions about setting up your rewards program, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you launch your program!

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