The Referral Program

When you activate the referral program, your customers can refer their friends to your store by sending them their unique referral link.

The referring customer will receive points or a discount at your store for this action, while the referred customer will receive a discount as an incentive to make a purchase at your store.

Note: If you would like to give the referring customer points instead of a discount for making the referral, make sure to click 'Delete Reward' on the default discount option that you see. Then go back to the Sender Reward, click 'Add Reward', then scroll down to find the Points option.

Once you have found it, click 'Add reward', and then enter the number of points that you would like to give. When you are satisfied, you can click the 'Create Reward' button.

Referring Customer:

To receive points or discounts in your referral program, the referring customer will need to do the following:

  1. Sign into their account at your store.
  2. Click on the Launcher to learn more about your referral program.
  3. Copy their unique referral link to send to their friends. This is the link that the referring customer needs to open, in order to receive their discount code. 

Referred Customer:

When the referred customer clicks on the referral link that was sent to them by the referring customer, they will see a field where they will enter their email address. 

After they have entered their email address, the pop-up will present them with their coupon code that they will need to use for their order. 

Note: The referred customer must copy and use this coupon code during the checkout process in order for the referring customer to get their reward for the referral.

If your customer gets the following error message, they may already have an account at your store:

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