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At, we strive to create beautiful experiences. This is why we have created Smile Apps

With Smile Apps, you can sync your CRM apps to help you improve the way that you manage your rewards program!

What Apps do you Integrate with? currently integrates with the following apps:

How many apps can I add to my program?

Smile Apps is available starting on our  Small Business plan.

  • On our Small Business plan, you can install 1 app to integrate with your rewards program.
  • On our Professional plan, you can install up to 3 apps to integrate with your rewards program.
  • On our Enterprise plan, you can install an unlimited number of apps to integrate with your rewards program.

If you would like to book a live demo of our plans, please contact us at

Can I make an app suggestion?

Yes, please! We want to know what apps we should build next and why this integration is important for your business. If you have an app suggestion, please fill out the short form over on our  Next App form page.

If you have any questions about Apps & Integrations, please contact us at

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